Flip the Script: Empowering Students to Move from Victim
To Resiliency by Using Their Own Voices

Students face an array of circumstances that could discourage them
from finding hope inside and outside the classroom. This presentation
serves as a platform for educators to participate in a discourse on
resiliency research, consider how to select literature and/or
experiences, and develop strategies to become turnaround mentors
by empowering students to use their own voices through written

Presenters: Synthia Shelby, Literacy Consultant, KDE
Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

-Member of the National Writing Project
-English/Language Arts teacher for ten years (grades 6-9)
-Member of the International Reading Association

Synthia Shelby
- Literacy Consultant - KDE
- State Literacy Team member
- Previous Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher (Grades 6-8)
- Kentucky Reading Association Board member – 3 years