Is Persuasion Really Different from Argument?

This session grew out of an online conversation this summer about
concerns four of us had with distinctions we saw being made between
persuasive writing and argument as presented on the essaywritinghelp
and KDE web sites. In this presentation we will discuss what our
writing programs expect students to be able to do once they have
completed their required courses, what we mean when we use the
term argumentative writing, how persuasion at the college level is
viewed, and what we hoped would develop out of changes in the core
curriculum with regard to writing and communication. We will discuss
the importance of rhetorical concepts such as ethos, pathos, and
audience and how an understanding of their relationship to one
another is essential to effective argumentation. We plan to highlight
the incongruity from the web materials which leads to the stance
"that argument needs to provide insight and convince, but not change
someone's mind."

Presenters: Dr. Robert Royar, Morehead State University
Dr. Paul Walker, Murray State University
Dr. Roxanne Mountford, University of Kentucky
Dr. Joanna Wolfe, University of Louisville

Dr. Royar has been teaching college writing for 32 years, 26 of those in Kentucky. He is an Associate Professor of English at Morehead State University where he has served for 17 years in various capacities such as General Education Writing Coordinator, Academic Assessment Coordinator, Writing Center Coordinator, an (soon to be) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Training Coordinator. He has served on the KCTE/LA Board for 16 years.