Friday A.M.
Looking at What Works in On-Demand to Take Students to the Core and Beyond

Beyond the Common Core: The Subtext Strategy for 21st Century Reading (Part I)

College and Career Readiness: Targeted Transitional Interventions
Digital Storytelling: Promoting Literacy through Technology

Instructional Alignment: Making Your Assessments Match Your Targets

Is Persuasion Really Different from Argument?

Beyond the Common Core: The Subtext Strategy for 21st Century
Real World Writing

Technology and the Common Core

Writing: Lighting the Fire Within

Teach the Language Standards in Context? How?

Friday P.M.

Critical Thinking: The Foundation for Well-Formed Arguments

Memoir Writing: Top Ten Hints from Rick Robinson

How Kentucky High School English Teachers Teach Reading and Grammar: Implications for 9-16 Curriculum Alignment and Professional Development

Web 2.0 Tools for the English Classroom

“Build It & They Will Read:” A Collaborative Blueprint for 21st Century Literacy

Engaging Students with Informative/Explanatory 21st Century Writing Opportunities

Writing Program Review

What Happens When Students Are Not Successful? Reimagining the High School English Classroom
From Booktalks to Booktrailers: Intermediate and Young Adult Literature as Mixed Media Presentations

Vocabulary Matters

The Power of Narrative in Writing and Teaching

What’s the Big Idea? The Real Purpose of Literature in Society and the Classroom

Moving from Listening to Writing

Implementing the Common Core Standards through Technology

Stuck on Reading: Using Post-It Notes to Enhance the Reading Experience

Creating Context for American Literature

Creating, Managing, and Maintaining a Classroom Wiki

More Student Success: Less Teacher Stress with Reading Plus


Using the Common Topics to Produce Arguments

A Few New Things: Noticing, Unpacking and Sharing 2.0 Tools and Practices

Picture Books in the Middle School Classroom

Thinkfinity Digital Literacy Resources
Rethinking English: Food Literacy

Should Students Be Graded on What They Can Do or How They Do It? Standards Based Grading in the High School English Classroom

Flip the Script: Empowering Students to Move from Victim To Resiliency by Using Their Own Voices

Writing Project Presentations: TBA