Creating, Managing, and Maintaining a Classroom Wiki

A “wiki”, or a web site created by user collaboration, is a perfect way
to give students an authentic purpose and audience while teaching
them to be responsible digital citizens. In this session, attendees will
learn about wikis and several ways for integrating a wiki with
traditional lesson plans. Strategies will be offered for both basic and
advanced users.

Presenter: Micki Clark, Madisonville-North Hopkins High School
- Animoto video introduction

Presentation Outline: Why You Need a Wiki
Sample Wiki Uses: Third Trimester Calendar, Nathaniel Hawthorne (Student-created page), Meter (Teacher-created page)

How to do the things you've seen here:
  • Animoto allows you to upload pictures and other media to create professional-looking video clips. The basic account (30-second video) is free, but you can upgrade to other plans at minimal costs, depending upon the method of planned use. Animoto also offers an iPhone app. The video shown here was created in less than five minutes this morning.
  • Create a wiki using Wikispaces (which is what you are seeing) or visit to download software for use on your own personal site/servers. Mediawiki installs can run on a closed-circuit system if you don't want them to be sent out via the Internet (e-mail me if you need more info).
  • The Youtube videos are recorded using my classroom iMac and iMovie, although any web cam can be used to record a movie. I like iMovie because I can edit out the inevitable phone ring or intercom announcement without having to re-record an entire video.

mickiclark.jpgMicki S. Clark has been teaching in western Kentucky since graduating from the University of Kentucky’s MIC program in 2002, spending one year at Apollo High School in Owensboro, and the remainder at Madisonville-North Hopkins High School, located in Hopkins County.

Currently, Mrs. Clark teaches pre-AP sophomore English and yearbook. Technology integration is a passion, and Mrs. Clark is always looking for innovative ways to engage her students and enhance her instruction.

She will celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary this July and has three children, sons Cameron (6) and Colton (4) and daughter Carson (2).