Rethinking English: Food Literacy

Food Literacy is an interdisciplinary class that targets the skills of
an English II class through content that ties food to nutrition, history,
geography, economics, social justice, pop culture, and students’ family
and cultural food heritage. Students examine food-related texts
carefully and critically and use their investigations to develop questions
that bring the curriculum into conversation with the world. Students
have opportunities to visit and “read” local food destinations as well as
to invite local farmers, chefs, their parents, and members of the local
food community to have a class meal and continue the edible dialogue.
The course enables students to learn by experience and to see continual
links to potential careers.

Presenters: Joe Franzen, Fern Creek Traditional High School
Brent Peters, Fern Creek Traditional High School & The Bread Loaf School
of English at Middlebury College (VT)