Should Students Be Graded on What They Can Do or How They
Do It? Standards-Based Grading in the High School English

Should we be grading students on their ability to complete skills or
their ability to be responsible and behave? If a student does not turn
in an assignment or does not do well on a test, but they later prove
they can accomplish that particular skill, should the previous zero be
held against them? Is a percentage really communicating what a student
can do? These questions and more will be examined in our presentation
on the idea of standards based grading. The presentation will include a
discussion on the philosophy behind the idea of standards based grading,
insight into the process of implementing it in your classroom and a
sharing of our experience with it in our English department this year.
Our intention is not to advocate the idea but to discuss our personal
experiences in trying it and open the conversation about what is the
best way to assess our students' learning.

Presenters: Jessica Rouse, Lloyd Memorial High School
Mary Brady, Lloyd Memorial High School

Mary Brady and Jessica Rouse teach high school English at Lloyd Memorial High School in Erlanger, Kentucky. They are both Northern Kentucky natives but consider Lexington their home away from home- they both graduated from the University of Kentucky!